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We are an elite group of management consultants focused on helping you transform your business to accelerate success. Xtrategit consultants understand how to guide you from defining an innovative business and transformation strategy to efficiently executing your solution implementation plan. Working hand in hand with Xtrategit, you can expect success.

Xtrategit Opens Office in Miami
We are excited to announce that we have open our new office at the Wells Fargo Center in Downtown Miami. Our old office served us well leaving us with great memories; nonetheless we are very excited of the opportunities ahead. It has been an exciting 13 years for XTRATEGIT, and we look at this new location as the start of another chapter in our history. We're still working on getting settled in and adding artwork to the walls, but we're incredibly excited to be in the new space. Thanks for everyone's support through the years and with the move. Our main telephone number remains 787-622-7077.

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Selected by Xtrategit Staff

9 Steps to Developing a Successful ERP Plan
ERP Focus August 09, 2013
You have taken all the right steps and selected the ideal ERP for your business. Wonderful! Now the work begins. You thought you had already worked hard, but you only just began. The hard part that leads to rewards is only beginning - this part is all about developing a detailed ERP plan.

The Goldilocks Dilemma: Too Much Cybersecurity Or Too Little?
Howard Baldwin - Forbes March 18, 2014
Cybersecurity continues to be a hot topic these days, but its unclear whether CIOs are doing too much or too little to tackle the problem. Sometimes it seems as though enterprises are developing the same attitude about breaches that Californians have about earthquakes sure, were vulnerable, but what are the chances of it shaking really, really bad right where Im standing?

Will Florida Revive its State Tech Agency?
Brian Heaton February 13, 2014
Florida has historically had difficulty keeping a state information technology agency online. Political disagreements about how much control the agency should have over state IT projects led to the office being axed twice during the past decade. But change may be afoot in the state.

Four Benefits of the Agile Consulting Firm
Consulting Magazine August 01, 2013
How agile is your firm? The ability to be agile can result in several key business benefits. It could mean being able to quickly respond to new opportunities, react to change, and adapt to challenges in ways that you never imagined. When agility is embraced in a firm, there are several outcomes: new business wins and efficient responses to change, thus maintaining profitability, happy clients and good positioning for growth.

CIOs Eye the Corner Office
John Bussey February 13, 2014
Who is today's chief information officer? Still the techie in the windowless office behind the mainframe?

IT Innovation Challenging Security Pros' Knowledge, Resources
Antone Gonzalves February 13, 2014
Pressure from upper management and boards is pushing security pros beyond their knowledge and resources, forcing them to roll out technology that is not properly secured, experts say.

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